COVIE | A 110% Grassroots Awareness Campaign

On May 1st of 2020, Covid-19 took my mother from me.  I wanted to find a way to honor her, so we gathered a few talented friends and we created Covie. We needed to be as apolitical as we possibly could in a divided America. Covie gives no f*cks about your politics or your science. Covie just want’s to get up in your face and make himself comfortable. It’s what viruses do. Covie loves everyone.

COVIE | He’s Out There

With Instagram, we used current events as they were happening and created a timeline with realtime proof that, like it or not, Covie is out there.

Go to @heycovie on Instagram

COVIE | He’s Out There

We also allowed for some light vandalism by inviting people to download a template and create their very own Covie stickers to raise awareness in high traffic areas.