DESIGN | Logos

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been obsessed with brand marks and logos. I love creating them. It’s always exciting to see them out in the wild. Seeing my Triple Eight mark on a well relaxed, freshly retired President Obama’s dome was my proudest dent on pop culture.

Metal Fabricators on Bainbridge Island outside of Seattle.
Personal electro-utility vehicles out of Northern California.
Sexy Ass Furniture out of Seattle
My son Matt’s band in 7th grade. They rocked.
My buddy Pete left SF and opened up a surf shop in Costa Rica. #winning
High-end finish contractors out of Lafayette CA.
Designer planters from Bainbridge Island out of Seattle.
Rock Band out of NYC.  They broke up. Bands will do that.
Personal Biography Creation out of Lafayette CA
Skate/BMX safety gear out of NYC