NIKE | Skateboarding (Launch)

For a hot minute, Nike decided to use Goodby, Silverstein rather than w+k to create some new campaigns. I just happened to be the resident skater at the agency when that moment happened and this assignment fell in my lap. I was given the task of launching the Nike brand into Skateboarding. To bring the monster to the party, if you will. It was the most terrifying moment in my career. If I did it badly, my skate friends would hate me, forever. A wrath infinately worse than from that of my advertising friends. Luckily, we struck a nerve of truth that every skater knows all too well. It went on to winning the Grand Prix at Cannes and a slot in the Clio Hall of Fame. When it would play on the jumbotron during the X-Games that year, all of the skaters would stop skating, watch and applaude. Phew. Monster welcomed. 

NIKE | Snowboard Apparel

Nike’s first ads ever for their snowboard apparel line. These worked like this: The spread would open first and be completely void of any logo or branding. It was designed to pull you in and make you scratch your head. The next page answered the question as to exactly who was neglecting their homelife, and why.

NIKE | ACG Snowboard (Launch)

Some print I did for Nike ACG’s first foray into the snowboard boot industry.


ACG spreads illustrated by Timmy Kucynda.